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root@cyber:~ # whois Gaelin
Website: Looks like you already found me!
Email: Click to email!
Discord: @goofables Come say hi!
GitHub: @Goofables Pull some repos!
Favorite RFCs: RFC1918  RFC761 Oh you thought it was going to be 2324/2549 didnt you

root@cyber:~ # whereis Gaelin
School: United States/South Dakota/Madison/Dakota State University
Home: United States/Colorado127.0.0.1

root@cyber:~ # ls -lh projects/
Purple team cybersecurity competition at DakotaCon10.1 that I built and ran
blog/cyberconquest Its short and has pictures! Check it out

Simple port scanner written in C to scan the IPv4 address space
github/Goofables/netsurvey I sCaNnEd ThE iNtErNeT

Python based Discord bot to verify users via oauth

x86 assembly interpreter in Minecraft

I did the database/user management backend for a joke bot I run with a friend
+17207308106Click to copy!  # sadly decommissioned due to 230+ sms/day being expensive

A simple spigot plugin I made with 500+ downloads

I worked on the robot code for FRC Team 1157 for 3 years

Minecraft server with multiple custom plugins

Using the Hypixel SkyBlock API to figure out when to buy/sell items

Some QOL tampermonkey scripts. I may hate javascript but sometimes its necessary

Not my project but a fork of a nice x86 assembly syscalls chart that I am hosting

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